Conservazione e recupero delle praterie xero-termiche della Valle di Susa mediante la gestione pastorale

Semi-natural dry-grassland consevation and restoration in Valle Susa through grazing management

The itinerant workshop dedicated to the study and agro-pastoral management of the xero-thermic grasslands was celebrated on June, 20

Participants  of the itinerant workshop 20/06/2014 (Action E2)

The past Friday June 20, 2014, was held in the project areas a technical itinerant workshop aimed at exchanging experiences about the study, protection and agro-pastoral management methods of the habitat 6210 * or of other habitats or species of european interest.

Event was attended by about thirty people, which have shown very interested in the project.

The good weather has allowed that the event had been developed in the intervention areas. The meeting of the participants was identified at Foresto, from where they were transferred with a van at the vicinity of the project areas. After a short walk they came to the first of the workstations, where Laura Castagneri (Director of the Ente di gestione delle aree protette delle Alpi Cozieand project coordinator) and Piera Favro (Mayor of Mompantero) have welcomed the participants. Giampiero Lombardi (AGROSE) and Consolata Siniscalco (DBIOS) presented the project and the area where it takes place.

Then, the group was transferred to the second area of work, where the experts of DBIOS AGROSE illustrated by practical examples, the floristic peculiarities of the territory, the methodology of floristic surveys (especially orchids and rare stenomeditarreny species) as well as the methodology of fitopastoral surveys.

In the third work station has been explained the past use of the territories of the SIC and the vegetation evolution. In this regard, Mr. Giulio Nasime has intervened, which became the bearer of the "voice of the memory of the territory."

After walk through the territories where the concrete conservation actions will be carry on, the group arrived at the fourth and last workstation in Pian Culuru where Giampiero Lombardi (AGROSE) explained the concrete actions of the project and the principles and technical solutions adopted.

The return to Foresto took place on foot. After lunch, at Foresto was held the second part of the workshop. It consists in the presentation of other national projects related to the themes of LIFE Xero-grazing. Among this interventions can mention the presentation of LIFE GREENWOOLF, LIFE WOLFALPS and an intervention about the habitat 6210 * xero-thermal-rich semi-natural grasslands of orchids.

Participants have shown a lot of interest throughout the workshop, and the debate was attended and enriching


Here you can download the material given to the participants


Here you can download the presentations in pdf

You can see more photos of the event in the photo gallery "The Project”

Here you can download the brochure produced for the event, the poster and the program of the workshop







gramma del workshop WItinerant workshop 20/06/2014 (Action E2):  the first workstationItinerant workshop 20/06/2014 (Action E2): Sample surveys fitopastorali used to AGROSE in the project Itinerant workshop 20/06/2014 (Action E2): presentation of national projects and other projects related to the themes of LIFE Xero-grazingW


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