Conservazione e recupero delle praterie xero-termiche della Valle di Susa mediante la gestione pastorale

Semi-natural dry-grassland consevation and restoration in Valle Susa through grazing management

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  • LIFE XEROGRAZING: la gestione pastorale
  • LIFE XEROGRAZING: Racconti di fuoco
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E5. Activities of public awareness and dissemination

The action E5 was concluded.

This action completed the framework of all dissemination initiatives and was aimed at disseminating the project and raising public awareness (local communities, agro-pastoral sector operators, tourists, trade associations, etc.) and schools with respect to the issues / problems addressed in the project and the management solutions identified and implemented.

Various activities were carried out within this action: press releases, meetings in the area, educational activities with schools and educational demonstration films, other unplanned educational activities were also carried out, such as the inauguration of the educational courses or the publication of a calendar of the project.


 News about the progress of the action E5:

 -19/11/2013 - November 22, 2013, 20:30 h: First Meeting on the territory (Action E5)

 -26/11/2013 - First meeting on the territory (Action E5) was celebrated at Bussoleno

-07/10/2015- Action C2-C5-E5: the autumn grazing has started at the Oasi xerotermiche

-29/10/2015- Action E5: There is a preliminary video about the project activities and an informative poster in English!

-25/02/2016- The training activities of the nature guides start, these activities was aimed at the realization of educational activities in schools (Action E5)

-06/04 /2016- We present the video Sheep and Orchids: return to life

-13/05 /2016- Friday 'May 20: Session "From orchids to the wolves: biodiversity and Natura 2000 Network in the Valle di Susa"

18/03 / 2016- Preview movie Sheep and Orchids: return to life

-02/04 /2016- Great participation at the event dedicated to the establishment of land associations for the recovery of abandoned land

-05/04 / 2016- LIFE Xero-grazing meets Protect Nature!

-22/03 /2016- Friday, first of April: "Return to the land: how to overcome the problems of land fragmentation and enhance the abandoned territories. Opportunities and prospects for the Bassa Valle di Susa with land associations"

-13/09/2016 – The LIFE Xero-grazing will be present at the trade show Boster "Bosco e Territorio" of Saturday, September 17

-16/09/2016 – LIFE Xero-grazing was visited by AUSF Italy

-01/03 / 2017- The next March 9, the project LIFE Xero-grazing will be presented at the Botanical Garden of Turin 

-09/03/2017 - Great participation this afternoon t the presentation of the LIFE Xero-grazing project at the Botanical Garden of Turin

 -16/05/2017 - May 21 free guided hiking tour to discover the wonders of the xerotermic oasis (2)

-25/05 / 2017- Great success for the day dedicated to biodiversity and the wonders of the xerotermic oases last May 21

-26/05 / 2017- The Alpi Cozie Parks guests of Rotary Club Susa and Valsusa

-12/07/2017- The results of the photo contest "Wonders of the xerotermic oases" are online

- 11/10/2017 - LIFE Xero-grazing at the IPAMed Workshop

- 28/11/2017 Radio interview with LIFE Xero-grazing

- 14/12/2017 Presentation of the book "Orchids of Piedmont"




- The Valsusa newspaper talks about us


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