16/04/2014 - The preliminary surveys to the survey activity of the actions A1 and A5 are ongoing

Sopralluogo a ChianoccoThe actions A1 “Conservation status assessment for the 6210* hábitat” and A5 “Establishment of a monitoring network for the hábitat” include to conduct approximately 200 surveys of vegetation during 2014. According to the different purposes , measurements will be performed using the fitopastoral and phytosociological methods to check throughout the SCI the conservation status of habitats and rare species; to evaluate the pastoral potential of the grasslands , and monitoring, in the areas of intervention, over time the post- grazing expected changes in the vegetation

In recent weeks, several surveys have been conducted to check the status of grasslands and to define the most appropriate time for sampling. This time should coincide with the flowering of the dominant grasses. It is estimated that the survey campaign will begin in the first week of May.

As part of A1 are also ongoing the validation activities of the provisional habitat map prepared by photo-interpretation.