F2. Networking with other EU projects

The action F2 was concluded.

This action was aimed at achieving specific networking activities toward the projects related, either directly or indirectly to the xero-thermic grasslands.

It was shown great commitment throughout its implementation, allowing direct comparison, in many events, with 19 LIFE projects both in Italy and in other European countries.


News about the progress of the action F2:

-10/04/2015 - Actions C5 and F2 – The LIFE WolfAlps project entrusts two watchdogs to the LIFE Xero-grazing project

-22/10/2015- Action F2 - LIFE Xero-grazing partcipates at the First Congress of the International Land Conservation Network

-30/06/2016 LIFE Xero-grazing meets LIFE GreenWoolf in networking!

-12/05/2017 - LIFE Xerograzing at the international conference organized by the European Union to facilitate and stimulate networking between LIFE projects in Tallinn (Estonia)

-12/05/2017 - LIFE Xerograzing in the 19th Symposium of the European Grassland Federation in Sardinia

- 13/10/2017 LIFE Xero-grazing guest of LIFE PRATERIE

- 29/11/2017 LIFE Xero-grazing guest of LIFE Granatha

- 02/05/18 Presentation of the LIFE PASTORALP project